Create Your Website in Minutes with the New Site Builder

Site Builder Demo

In this day and age, having a working website for your business is a must. While social media pages dedicated to your business can grant you significant reach, they’re only a single block in building your online presence, as their primary purpose is to catch your clientele’s attention. An aptly curated website that presents a comprehensive business catalog not only lends you credibility but an air of professionalism as well.

However, most business-owners still hold back on making their own website because of the tedious process of planning, designing and developing it from scratch. When you go this route without the necessary knowledge in web design, you either have to burn through hours of your time trying to learn how to code or pay someone to do it for you.

Web hosting provider MasayaHost understands that this isn’t practical, so to make things easier for their users, they have introduced the beginner-friendly Site Builder, integrated into their Control Panel. This sleek and foolproof new tool helps you build your own website from scratch with just a few drag-n-drops.

The Site Builder has replaced its predecessor, Site Studio, which featured less-than-adequate functions and outdated site templates. Site Builder is its newer, cooler brother that reflects the latest progressions in website design while still being easy to work with, even without any knowledge of PHP and JavaScript.

Made for newbies

The new Site Builder is specially designed with newbies in mind. Aside from the collection of beautiful site templates to choose from and easily recognizable point-and-click content controls, Site Builder will be guiding you from the get-go. With every progress you make, it remains on standby, making sure you are on the right track with suggestions on what to do next.

The core parts of your website—such as the menu bar, banner area and text areas—are displayed in separate blocks, so you can work on each element without confusion. Each block operates on individual layout and style controls, allowing you to adjust every nook and cranny to your liking.

Make your website a search-engine favorite

Site creation is not the only thing Site Builder makes easy. It also comes with built-in SEO features such as custom meta tags and SEO-optimized menu links, helping boost your website’s presence in Google and Bing search results.

Impress your visitors with handy apps

A modern website should be a one-stop shop. Aside from functioning as an online portfolio for your business, having a range of integrated apps and add-on modules will make your website more interesting and impressive. A photo gallery, contact form, live chat function, discussion forum, and an events calendar are just a few things you can include in your website using Site Builder.

Try it yourself

Build your own website with just a few clicks using the Site Builder demo.